Are you considering making the switch from NHS to private practice but unsure if it's the right move for you?

Tired of the long hours, low pay and increasing bureaucracy of the NHS system?


You're not alone!
Many Principals in the UK  are finding greater flexibility, control, and financial stability in private practice.

Join us for a free, live webinar where we'll explore the benefits of moving from NHS to private dental practice. You'll learn from experienced professionals who have made the transition themselves and get tips and strategies to ensure a smooth transition.

Don't miss this opportunity to gain the understanding and confidence you need to take control of your professional future. 

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Wednesday 28th June 2023
7pm GMT
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On this webinar, you'll discover
The top reasons why UK Principals are making the switch to private practice now
When NOT to hand back your NHS contract
Tips for successfully making the transition from NHS to private practice
The financial and lifestyle benefits of private practice
Why using a plan provider alone to make the switch will not realise your vision
Looking beyond conversion – how to operate in a private market place
The unspoken fears that are stopping you from taking the first step
Real-life stories from Principals who have made the switch
How to keep your Bank Manager onside.
Take this opportunity to learn from experts and explore the potential benefits of private practice. 

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Meet Your Hosts

Jayne Sproson
Jayne Sproson is the Founder & Director of Client Success for The Jayne Sproson Consultancy who works to transform businesses in the healthcare sector and specialising in creating profitable and happy practices from NHS to private practice. She is Chartered Institute of Marketing qualified in Digital Marketing Strategy and a qualified C Suite Branding Strategist.

Jayne has worked with over 1,000 Principals and team. Jayne’s own dental practice which she owned and managed alongside her dentist husband Jonathon Sproson, is considered the ultimate blueprint for modern practices being one of the first practices to incorporate aesthetics into the dental environment and creating the Patient Care Coordinator role for each of the clinics.

As well as supporting NHS contract holders to move to private practice, Jayne and the team ensure that they go way beyond the support any plan provider can offer. Having 30+ years of experience of conversions as well as undergoing two of their own successful conversions (one adult contract and later the children’s contract), she has seen it all. Yet Jayne and Jonathan understand the pain you are feeling right now.

Their ‘no stone unturned’ approach gives their clients confidence, clarity and a compelling vision for the next chapter in their professional life – as well as giving back their work life balance for their personal life.

Jayne brings you not only a wealth of experience, she and her team are truly invested in your future whatever that looks like to you.
Lisa Catto
As the creator of the Ideal Patient Journey, Lisa has perfected how to support practice owners and their staff in saving time and delivering a fantastic patient experience.

Using her award winning knowledge and skills in small business automation, Lisa leverages systems and automation to not only win back hours of time that can be spent on higher value/impact tasks and patient care, but by ensuring that every prospective patient is served with what they need, exactly when they need it, she is able to shorten sales cycle alongside the pressure on the practice to follow up whilst also increasing the bottom line of the practice as patients feel they are being cared for and proactively refer new patients to the practice.

Lisa is acknowledged as a thought leader in the field of business growth using automation for small business, having won multiple awards.

Having been a business owner since the early 1990’s she has a broad experience and expertise in both business and marketing.

Her legacy story is one that fascinates audiences.  An early adopter of digital marketing back in the days of dial up modems, Lisa worked with large FMCG and bluechip brands such as adidas, Unilever, Kelloggs, Quaker, Ferroro Roche, Nestlé, McVitie’s (to name a few) in either placing them 3rd party promotional software (computer games) or making software for promotional use (on pack / in pack offers).

Responsible for placing the adidas ball in EA’s Fifa Soccer and the multitudes of brands in Sony’s Gran Turismo are just a sample of the kind of the cutting edge innovation that contributes to her story.
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Dr Laura Wedge-Morgan 
Principal and MD, Bethcar
The resulting changes in our business have allowed us to have a much-reduced stress at home. As being husband and wife and business partners, it’s easy for work to be the only topic of conversation. 

Removing the NHS part of our business was initially terrifying for us as we felt we enjoyed the security of a monthly income. But having Jayne show us that we could reduce the volume of patients we saw and increase the time we spent with them AND replacing the NHS contract funds, made us more confident that it was the right thing to do for the business and in fact very important to us – the right thing for our patients. The fact we don’t have to worry about targets and other dentists doing their share of the contract has been such a relief.

Working on our Brand after the conversion was such a fantastic experience. It really was an exciting process and gave us the zest for change and growth. Myself and my husband loved this part of the programme and we know that it really reflects us and what we stand for so we have not had to sacrifice our integrity or authenticity. For the first time we now feel that our business is really ours and we are not bound by the rules of others.
There is no doubt working with The Jayne Sproson Consultancy is a big investment – I had an early return on that investment in terms of a conversion. More importantly, they had at their heart, the importance to keep my patients loyal and my team on board. Running a conversion is so much more than just getting the direct debit forms signed. Successful conversions require a mindset shift in the whole team and Jayne and Jon have decades of experience and, between them, can offer advice for all members of the team from front of house to specialist associates.

If you are reading this, my only concern is that if you wait ,you simply will not catch one of their slots as they only take on a finite number of clients to be able to offer their bespoke offering. You aren’t just getting a consultant you are getting people who demonstrate they are truly invested in your success.
Dr Dave Stone
Principal, Muse Dental Studios
Ope Sodeinde
London Dental Specialists
A nurse who used to work with us full time was away for three and a half years. She saw the paper based system we had before and has seen the new automation systems that we have now - her jaw dropped. She said, 'I can now see why you've been banging on about this for the last few years. Because every single thing, all the tasks that used to take us an hour now take 10 minutes'. And that for me, just looking at it from a staff morale perspective, I think it is worth an investment!
We now have a fully automated system, allowing the whole patient journey to be totally automated, which is making it super efficient and effective. And bringing brilliant results to our team.
Alex Mogg
Croydon Orthodontics
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